What would you say to a £500 lighting sceneset solution that is comparable with £3000 Lutron Graphic eye? What if each and every project, even a small kitchen extension, can absorb this cost and hence get transformed into 21st century?

Modern living spaces, like for example open plan kitchen lounge, will always feature between 6 and 8 lighting circuits at the minimum. That yields large multi gang switches or dimmers that are impossible to use at the best of times. Which switch operates which light? In case of dimmers, how did we manage to set that lovely scene last time? There is no way to repeat the previous settings and it always takes ages to adjust dimmers the correct scene.

Lighting control would solve above problems. Single slick keypad on the wall with multiple lighting scenes available at the touch of the button. But lighting controls are expensive. In the above scenario and with eight circuits the cost of lighting control hardware will be in range between £2500-£4000. Most projects do not have this budget, but the need for lighting controls remains.

Cost of the solution offered here starts from £500 and it is not circuit limited. How do we achieve this?

Our solution is based around IEC 62386, or commonly know as DALI standard. This standard has been around for twenty years. Number of brands have adopted it, like market leaders PHILIPS, OSRAM, HELVAR. All AV brands, like Lutron, Crestron, Control 4, offer DALI compliant gateways and hardware.

DALI standard deals only with lighting interface, like LED driver, or ballast, or lighting transformer. It does not describe performance of intelligent lighting sceneset switch. We have therefore created in house an extension to IEC 62386 that we call PalmLUX. PalmLUX facilitates operation of our keypad with DALI interfaces. Single 8 scene PalmLUX keypad can control unlimited number of DALI devices.

Take for example the first scenario with 8 lighting circuits. In order to make this DALI controllable, all lighting drivers should be IEC 62386 compatible, with a two core cable connecting them all. Finally a small, non expensive DALI power supply is required to power the communications bus.

Now a single PalmLUX keypad would be able to program and recall up to 8 lighting scenes on this system.

Cost of upgrading lighting drivers, additional wire and power supply is about £300, depending on number of drivers. Cost of a single PalmLUX keypad is £200. So for additional budget of only £500 we can have a fully functional scene setting system in our kitchen lounge.

It is also important that no configuration is needed here, PalmLUX keypad with operate the lighting out of the box. In addition lighting scenes can we programmed from the keypad itself, so there is no need of expensive commissioning or programming tools.

We have produced our first DALI components in 2007 and hence PalmLUX products have been in the field for about 16 years.




PalmLUX is affordable lighting and home automation system. The cost saving is realized through both competitively priced components and simplified wiring. In addition, on most jobs, no programming will be required. PalmLUX power and data installation is based around simple radial twin & earth wiring. All components are designed to fit standard UK
wall boxes and consumer units.
When more sophisticated configuration is required, PalmLUX programming utility for PALM computer is available for free download at With intuitive menus and layout, PalmLUX programming utility can be used without prior training.
PalmLUX control keypads feature fully programmable LED illuminated buttons. With advanced LED tell-back, IR transmitter support and MACRO creator, button functionality is truly infinite.

PalmLUX Control Keypad Plate Finishes

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